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Andrea - 

Sorry its taken me so long to write but I wanted to give you an update on "Storm" who is now Captain America. He is absolutely perfect and exactly what you promised. We have shown a few times all over NC and he is always in the top ribbons. I have trail rode him a multiple places and he is great for leading the trail or just hanging in the back. Thank you for taking the time to listen to what I was looking for in a horse as you sold me exactly what I needed. With him I have had the confidence to show and trailer on my own and I know he will always be my reliable partner. I can't thank you enough.

Hope you have been well!


Alexis and Capp

Alexis and Capp

Count Of Monte Cristo and his new proud owner Beth

Count of Monte Cristo and his proud new owner Beth


Hi Andrea,

I’ve been meaning to send you an update, but just now got a chance.  First of all, Pauli is everything you said he was and more!!  He’s the sweetest, most trusting horse I’ve ever known!  He seems to bond instantly with everyone -- people and horses.  It’s like he has no boundaries whatsoever.  My other horses loved and trusted me too, but it took time to win their love and trust.  With Pauli it seems to be his default mode.  Needless to say, everyone at the barn adores him and his sweet, sweet nature.  

Saturday I took him for his first ride on the farm and I was nervous.  I had planned to test drive him in the gelding pasture a few days before the ride, but I wasn’t able to break away from work.  I’d also planned to ride out w/ just one other person, but then 3 more showed up to join us.  

Pauli was nervous too since everything was so new to him, including his rider, but he did as he was asked and even crossed a shallow stream with only a little hesitation.  After we’d been riding about an hour, someone made the commit that he might be more comfortable following instead of leading since it was his first ride out.  No duh!!  I’ve been so used to leading rides with my other horses that I took poor Pauli straight to the front without even thinking.  Sure enough, once we relinguished the lead Pauli totally relaxed.  I mean, I was literally riding him on the buckle until he started diving for grass like a spoiled pony. 

I am so happy w/ him Andrea!  He’s a wonderful horse!!!

God bless you and you’re wonderful business! 



Hi, Andrea.

Just wanted to let you know that Buster arrived Friday, safe and sound.  Tired from the trip, and thirsty, and looking like he'd lost several  arguments with his pasture mates...but completely unfazed by the strange place, the new food, his new living quarters. I've ridden him twice, and taken him for walks around our 200 acres every day...and he is WONDERFUL.  Happy to go, happy to stand, doesn't care about leaving Monarch behind even when Monarch is screaming like an idiot...he is EXACTLY as you advertised him to be, and I am thrilled.  The perfect horse for me, at a price that didn't make me faint...it doesn't get better than this.    Thanks again--I have referred several of my friends to you--hope that they're in touch.    Best,    Judith 


Hi Andrea-  I just wanted to give you an update on Sierra and "Jim". They are a great team! They've been showing HUS and will start jumping soon. He is quite the hunter under saddle and seems to really like the beginnings of jumping.

He's growing like a weed and filling out nicely, finally. Lol. He's 17-17.1 now, so he's doing a lot of growing and finding his perfect feed combination to keep up with all the growth was a challenge at first.

These two are happy campers and were a perfect match. I can't express how happy I am we trusted your opinion with pairing these two. After having a not so sane or safe OTTB, Sierra's confidence was more than shaken. Jim, now Apollo, has given her confidence back. I couldn't ask for a better horse.
Thank you!!


We had our first jump lesson yesterday. He was AMAZING.  Staying happy and healthy.  


Hi Andrea,

Just checking in to let you know that Inverness is doing great!
The ride back to New York was long but she was very patient in
the trailer and unloaded wonderfully when we finally arrived.  She
really settled in nicely and is working well on the flat.



Hope you are doing well.  I wanted to give you an update on Parker.

Attached is a photo of Parker.  He is doing fabulous.  I absolutely love him.  

He is in training board and Ashleigh just adores him. He is getting his flying changes with ease.
I can't say enough positive things about Parker.  He is one in a million.



Hi Andrea!

I wanted to give you an update on Hercules (I renamed him Jack) he is doing great! I'm so happy that I have got him, we are such a great team! We are leaning towards jumpers but I think he also really likes dressage. We will hopefully be doing a show next weekend! 



Jack did very well on his first show today!

He got two 3rds on his flat class (out of 8) and a 3rd on is jumping class (out of 6)


Hello Andrea, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and let you know how happy I was with Buddy (Budget Deficit), who I bought from you in October.  He is turning out to be a great trail horse.  Whether riding out alone or in a group he is just so sweet ans sane, even on the rare occasion he spooks at something new, he calms right back down to his chill self.  I rode him the other day in blustery winds and he was such a perfect gentleman I even felt comfortable enough for him to give my 4 year old a pony ride when we got back.  Thank you for taking a chance on re homing sweet Buddy, I'm so happy to have him! Thank you, Becca


I rode him today and he was
amazing!! I'm in love!!
He is so sweet and so much fun!

Thanks American Equine Sales 


Cloud 9 is doing great!


I just wanted to let you know that we went to a horseshoe at equine country in Jacksonville yesterday. Tonto won a couple of intro level dressage classes, a w/t/c equitation class, got 5th in 2 jumping classes and won a reserve champion medal. The dressage judges loves his trot, forwardness and bend. You laid such a beautiful foundation for him to build on and I;m so grateful!


First show at novice. 4th place inthough competition.


Hi Andrea,

This is Debbie Collins. We purchased Scooby from you last Decemberand I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know how well he is working out. I really enjoy riding him and, while I still need to work onmy trot, we have no problems riding with our friends who ride mainly gaited horses. We've also taken Scooby and my husband's TW Honover night camping trips and both horses high lined all night as if they've done it 1,000 times. Mostly, Scooby is quickly becoming the trusty trail horses.



I just wanted to let you know how wildcat express is. He is still
amazing and I love him so much!

I took him to his first show and he was fantastic!


Still going strong. We Love our Gator . Thank you for making a youngmans dreams come true. Noah is doing great, recently joined pony club as well and just did his first cross country. Loved it! Photo was taken last weekend at a hunter jumper show.  


Hey Andrea it's Dawn, Pine Mountains new owner. I wanted to check with you and see what wormer you used on him. The vet would like for me to use the same brand you used on him last.

He has adjusted well to his new home. My friends can't believe he is a Thoroughbred because he is so calm. He has the sweetest personality and we are working with him on jumping.                     


Hi Andrea,

Finnis is doing very well!  :)  He's been great with the little beginners, as well as trying new things with the advanced riders.  He was a little slow learning to jump, but he's finally getting into it.  He went to a show last weekend and had to jump an 18" course, and he did exceptionally well for his first time jumping in a show!  He also helped a beginner rider get his a blue ribbon in his first show in a walk/trot class.

Anyway, we did some cross-country jumping yesterday, and got this cool picture of him I wanted to share with you.  His technique is over-jump everything the first time to make sure it
doesn't eat him!  haha



Hey Andrea,
hope you are doing well and staying warm! I got to go see the horses over Christmas for only the second time since they shipped to Maryland. They are absolutely wonderful! My parents are so pleased and just love them. Very willing and want to please personalities! Thank you for two, fantastic horses! Here are a few pictures from taking them out on the beach Dec 28. And btw I was extremely interested in buying a horse for myself and then found out we are expecting a baby! So I will have to wait a few years, but I will be back to visit you! :)


Hi Andrea,

I hope you are doing well in your business with all of your horses. I wanted to send you an update on Ziggy. He has been doing fantastic in his jumping and dressage training. We have been to a few hunter shows where he was very well behaved and placed well. The pictures are from the Piedmont Classic Hunter Series where he placed third in the handy hunter class. We have also been schooling lengthening of stride at the trot and canter as well as leg yields at the walk and trot. In two weeks he will be ridden in the First Level division of Wake's IDA show. I will be sure to let you know how he does. Thank you so much for all you have done! He
really is a joy to work with.